About Us

Our Mission

Sincerely is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to connecting generations in communities by delivering smiles. We strive to bring joy to the older generations and help youth gain an educational awareness of the generations that came before them. To achieve our mission, we work with local schools.

Our activities are designed to promote intergenerational communication and understanding, helping create meaningful relationships between young and old. We believe that these connections can help create a better community for all.

What we do

We provide holiday cards, birthday cards, and other special messages to make older individuals smile.  We also provide an educational volunteer experience for the students in the community by getting them involved in the process of giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

We believe in giving back to the community and providing an opportunity for students to engage in meaningful service.  Join us in making a difference!

Our Process

Baylee Vang


Rylee Vang


Haylee Vang


Carlee Vang


Our Team

The Sincerely team, comprised of four dedicated students, Baylee (high school senior), Rylee (high school junior), Haylee (7th grader), and Carlee (2nd grader), embodies a commitment to diversity, innovation and community service.  With our passion for fostering diversity, we collectively create an inclusive environment that values varied perspectives.  Innovation is at the core of our endeavors, driving creative solutions to challenges.  Beyond our academic pursuits, our team prioritizes community engagement, exemplifying a dedication to giving back.  Our initiatives not only showcase our commitment to social responsibility, but also demonstrates a profound understanding of the transformative power that diversity and innovation can have in positively impacting the community we serve.